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Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity at CUI prevails at all levels of a scientific career. To achieve this aim, we offer broad programs and measures to our scientists.

Credits: Andreas Vallbracht, Marta Mayer

Programs and measures are based on the following priorities:

  • Balancing a scientific career with family responsibility
  • Increasing the number of female researchers on all career levels

Within this framework we offer support and advise for our scientists concerning their individual career and work-family-balance.

Also, Equal Opportunity organises campus-wide networking events and offers critical talks and discussions concerning the topics of career, work-life balance and the research system.

Credit: Rosemary Wilson

We organise tailor-made workshops in different formats to our female scientist to develop their individual perspective on careers in science, and hand-on tools for career development, as well as other soft-skills.

Our Mentoring Program dynaMENT offers our female scientists career support and active and individual counseling. Furthermore it aims to broaden their network beyond campus.

Credits: Michael Grefe

The Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship brings international female top researchers to Hamburg, who strengthen international cooperations at CUI and allow our junior scientists to get in touch with renowned role models.

Every year, The Louise Johnson Fellowship enables one (inter)national female junior scientist to conduct her research in one of our Louise-Johnson-Research Groups for up to two years. This allows to become an active member who of scientific top Research.

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