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Girls’ Day

Young women in Germany are educated on a particularly high level. However, more than 50 percent of the girls choose from only ten different vocations in the dual system – among these is not a single scientific-technical profession. This means that young women do not fully utilize their job-possibilities and that qualified junior staff is missing in technical and technique-related professions. The Girls’ Day provides a possibility to counter this development: at this special day girls have the opportunity to get a taste of vocations and study courses related to IT, handcraft, sciences and techniques, in which women are currently underrepresented.

Each year CUI scientists use the opportunity to give young women an insight into research:

140327_lcd_girls_day_04.Klein2018: Going for natural sciences on Girls’ and Boys’ Day

2017: Experiencing science with all senses

2016: Everything fell into place at this year’s Girls’ Day

2015: Girls had Good Knowledge of Physics

2014: Enthusiastic Reactions to Physics Girls’ Day

2013: Physicists Support Girls’ Day