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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for acceptance to the Graduate School of the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging – Structure, Dynamics and Control of Matter at the Atomic Scale’ are specified here.

The Graduate School in conjunction with the University of Hamburg offers a doctoral programme for students that culminates in the degree ‘Dr. rer. nat.’.

In order to enter this programme, students must have obtained the minimum of a Master´s degree in Physics, Chemistry or Biology or an equivalent. Please, note that the specialisation needed depends on the particular project: CUI is a highly interdisciplinary research cluster involving many different disciplines.

With respect to grades, it is expected that students applying for entrance to the Graduate School have the equivalent of the (average) grade minimum 2,0 in the German system. This corresponds to an “B+” Grade or better in the American or English system. Thus, a certificate of the university of origin attesting your average grade or, alternatively called, the Grade Point Average (GPA) is mandatory. Such a proof is not necessary when the average grade is reported on the Master certificate.

Candidates will be screened for suitability. In the screening process, the grades, Master or PhD thesis, as well as two letters of recommendation will be taken into account.

Link to the admission of Universität Hamburg

Here is available to all PhD students and project leaders of CUI an information booklet about the doctoral training at CUI.