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Night of Knowledge 2015

Is pink a color? How does our world look like in slow motion? In what way can surgeries and biopsies profit from PIRL-Lasers? The Night of Knowledge in combination with DESY’s open day will give answers to these questions and many more on Saturday, 7 November 2015. From 12 am until midnight Campus Bahrenfeld will offer an exciting and varying program for younger and older visitors, people who are interested in science, and people who are just curious. 


Our world in slow motion. Credit: UHH RRZ/MCC Arvid Mentz

CUI presents itself in the Centre for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL, building 99) and in the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies (ZOQ, building 90) with a series of lectures, activities, and a special sculpture:

Sculpture in front of CFEL

Unit Cell is a sound installation studying the effects of X-ray crystallography: the crystal is symbolized by 125 inflated beach balls,  sound waves substitute the X-rays. The viewer is immersed in a sound field, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, that fills the space around the sculpture.

Activities in CFEL

It’s just theorie! An interactive quiz about photon science
The three dimensions of proteins
Our world in slow motion
Computer simulations
Have fun with optics and lasers
Rotating molecules and micro waves
Producing nano crystals
PIRL Laser for surgery and biopsy

Lectures in ZOQ (in German):

Riesenatome: Quantengiganten für die Entwicklung moderner Optik und Quantencomputer (Seminarraum ZOQ, 18 und 20 Uhr)
Die Reise zum absoluten Temperaturnullpunkt: Vom Kühlschrank bis zur Laserkühlung (Seminarraum ZOQ, 15, 17, 21 und 23 Uhr)
Ist Pink eine Farbe? Das menschliche Auge und Farbwahrnehmung aus physikalischer Perspektive gesehen (Seminarraum ZOQ, 14 und 22 Uhr)
Wie funktioniert ein Laser? (Seminarraum ZOQ, 16 und 19 Uhr)

Lab tours

Lab tours are offered in the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies and in the Institute of Laser Physics at 16, 16.30, 18, 18.30, 22 and 22.30 (please register in the ZOQ foyer, as the number of participants is limited)

Experiments in the ZOQ foyer

Computer simulation: How do trapped atoms react?
Beamwalk Battle
Free experimenting in CUI’s school lab ‘Light & Schools’
Dust trap (program for children)
What is a non Newtonian fluid? (program for children)


ZOQ, ILP, and CFEL can be reached easily via the entrance Luruper Chaussee 149.

CUI News “Night of Knowledge 2015 – experience science with all your senses”