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Career Development

CUI makes young researchers wide offers for developing their career systematically, based on the three fields of graduate school traning, equal opportunity and career service: 

The CUI graduate school offers a training program with interdisciplinary modules, which are explicitly tailored to the research project. The modules are flanked by the graduate days, a winter school, colloquia and lecture series; all of them focus repeatedly on career topics, such as the industry event within the graduate days.

Furthermore, the cluster directs attention to gender topics and a family friendly environment. Young scientists also profit from special offers regarding the development of a career, for example the workshop series “Academic Leadership“ or “Scientific Career and Parenthood“.

The career service organizes workshops such as „Intercultural Competence“ or „Life after your PhD“. The computer based system Geventis gives an overview on all events offered by the graduate school. In addition, the students’ accomplishments within the PhD program can be documented. In Anglo-America, in particular, such a  „Transcript of Records“ can be mandatory for an international career.

Offers in detail

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