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Science on Tap 2015


On 15 October 2015 scientists from physics, chemistry and biology surprised people in Hamburg with a special event: They left their labs and fanned out to 30 bars in Hamburg to give insight into current research projects. For 30 minutes the scientists talked about their passion: about lasers and black holes, strings and nanoparticles, proteins and dark matter, Higgs and quarks. “Wissen vom Fass” was jointly organized by DESY, CUI, PIER, SFB 676 and the Department of Physics at Universität Hamburg. The entrance was free of charge.

For more information and photos:

Do we need Wissen vom Fass?

Website in German: Wissen vom Fass


Note: One lecture was held in English:

Proteins in the spotlight

Anouk M. Rijs (Universität Hamburg)
19 Uhr – Ponybar