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If you have any questions concerning our research, please feel free to contact us ( We will be happy to find an expert on the topic of your interest, arrange interviews or organize film crew permissions on the Bahrenfeld Campus.

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CUI Journals:

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CUI News No. 1, Feb. 2014

CUI News No. 2, July 2014

CUI News No. 3, Feb. 2015

CUI News No. 4, July 2015

CUI News No. 5, Feb. 2016

CUI News No. 6, August 2016

CUI News No. 7, March 2017

CUI News No. 8, September 2017







CUI News, “best of” English version, summer 2015

CUI News, “best of” English version, summer 2018

In addition to the printed issue, the CUI Graduate School offers an English newsletter.


Mildred Dresselhaus Prize and Recipients, 3rd edition, March 2019