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Career Development and Workshops

Going for a career in science entails more than your science and scientific expertise. We want to support you and your career choices in showing opportunities and enable you to make use of your whole potential. Therefore the cluster – also in cooperation with other partners – has developed several programs. All our programs are in English.

Credits: Michael Grefe, Rosemary Wilson, Elena Mpadanes, Marta Mayer

Academic Leadership Programme

An annual workshop series that covers up to four modules during the winterterm. All workshops focus on integral aspects of advanced careers in science.

Academic Leadership Programme for Women – Programme 2018 (pdf)

Academic Leadership Programme for Women – Programme 2016/2017 (pdf)

Academic Leadership Programme for Women – Programme 2015/2016 (pdf)

Academic Leadership Programme 2014/2015: “Combination of theory and practice”

Kooperationen: MIN-Fakultät der Universität Hamburg, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Target Group: Post Doc, Post Doc +

Women’s Career Day

Four parallel one-day workshops that help young female researchers to work out new perspectives on career paths (in science and industry), potential conflicts and challenges, and application-training.

Women’s Career Day 2017: “Conflicts can be good”

Women’s Career Day 2016: “Qualified by numbers”

Women’s Career Day 2015: “Communication and career paths for female academics”

Women’s Career Day 2014.2 – “Systematic Career Development”

Women’s Career Day 2014 – “New platform for female scientists”

Credit: Michael Grefe

Kooperationen: EMBL, Max-Planck-institut für Stuktur und Dynamik der Materie, MIN-Fakultät der Universität Hamburg, SFB 676, SFB 925, PIER Helmholtz Graduate

Target Group: PhD, Post Doc

“dynaMENT” – Mentoring for Women in Natural Sciences

The aim of “dynaMENT” is to adress women from natural sciences who consider to pursue their career here – and thus to keep women in science.

More Information on the program and details on the application process can be found on the program’s Website.

First Mentoring programme for women in natural sciences

Credits: Marta Mayer, Michael Grefe

Cooperations: Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, MIN Faculty of Universität Hamburg, SFB 676, SFB 925, PIER Helmholtz Graduate School

Target Group: PhD, Post Doc