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Night of Knowledge 2015 – Experience science with all your senses

More than 18.000 visitors set off last Saturday to get insight into the research facilities during the Night of Knowledge and DESY DAY on campus Bahrenfeld. 9.500 visitors came alone to The Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) where also CUI presented its science. In addition to many other facilities, the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies (ZOQ) and the Institute for Laser-Physics (ILP)  – where more CUI science was shown – had their doors open.


Credit for all photographs: Andreas Vallbracht

The exhibit Unit Cell was a special attraction right in front of the CFEL: The sound installation made it possible to sensually perceive the research field of crystallography: an array of 125 balls takes over the function of the chrystal whereas the x-rays are replaced by sound waves. “If you go into the crouches, the loud sound field will suddenly turn silent,” artist Dominic Hopkinson explained. Unit Cell was conceived and designed during the ASMbly arts by members of The Superposition collective and Prof Ben Whitaker and Dr Mike Nix (Scientists). At the initiative of CUI professor Arwen Pearson the sculpture was recreated together with CFEL for the Night of Knowledge.

20151107-DSC04647-Andreas-Vallbracht-SIn the CFEL foyer numerous experiment stations awaited the visitors. A never-ending queue lined for example in front of the stand of CUI professor Markus Drescher and his team, that produced ultrafast films of the guests with a high-speed camera. A balloon filled with confetti burst above the heads or soap bubbles filled the room – all filmed with 1.000 pictures per second.

Curious litle "scientists".

CUI scientist Markus Perbandt and his group fascinated the viewers with their protein models. At the computer the exact position of a molecule bound to protein – in this case a medication against leukemia – could be visualized.

Dr. Thomas Garl explains the laser experiment.

At the same time, the illuminated Institute for Laser-Physics with its foyer shining in all different colors and the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies attracted a huge flow of visitors. Also here many different exhibits could be admired; lab tours and presentations gave insights into research. Hands-on activities such as the Beamwalk-Battle and open experiments in the school lab “Light & Schools” made science perceptible for everyone.

All in all people were invited to enjoy about 1.000 activities on their tour through Hamburg’s scientific institutions. More than 30.000 visitors experienced the Night of Knowledge – another record.