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Physicists support Girls’ Day

Girls and Physics go together. “But you have to start very early to stimulate their interest in physics, from a certain age on it is too late“, says Juliette Simonet, Postdoc at the Institute for  Laser Physics at Universität Hamburg.

Together with Purbasha Halder (also Postdoc, 2.r.) and PhD students Christina Staarmann (left) und Neele Grenda (2.l.) the scientist wants to use the opportunity of the Girls’ Day on April 25 to give young girls an interesting insight into research in the school lab of “Light & Schools”. Among others, the twelve and thirteen year old girls are going to hear a lecture on how a laser works and then try an experiment. “It is very motivating when you’re allowed to do something in the lab,” says  Juliette Simonet. Otherwise science remains very abstract.

Last year, “Light & Schools“ participated in the Girls’ Day for the first time. The programme was developed in 2008 within the Excellence Initiative; it cooperates successfully with numerous schools in Hamburg and will be continued within CUI.

However, first of all the aim of the Girls’ Day at “Light & Schools” is to hold down the inhibition level and to reduce prejudices. Coordinator Dr. Thomas Garl could offer twelve positions, which were booked within two days.