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Mildred Dresselhaus Awardees 2015 selected

Prof. Dr. Elspeth Garman and Dr. Liesbeth Janssen have been selected to receive the Mildred Dresselhaus Award 2015. The award which is presented each year by the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging includes a certificate and a personal prize money to the amount of € 20,000 resp. € 10,000. In addition, it is combined with a guest professorship.

Garman Elspeth

Credit: Diamond Light Source

The senior award goes to biochemist Elspeth Garman, University of Oxford, for her pioneering contributions to structural biology, especially in leading the field of radiation damage during macromolecular X-ray diffraction, and in recognition of her outstanding contributions to mentoring and training of a generation of crystallographers. Elspeth Garman will be hosted by Prof. Arwen Pearson at CUI.



LiesbethJanssen_croppedLiesbeth Janssen will receive the junior award for her outstanding contributions to theoretical chemistry by studying quantum mechanical phenomena in ultracold molecular collisions and their manipulation with external fields. Liesbeth Janssen has just changed from Columbia University, New York, to Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf where she works on the dynamics of glassy systems. At CUI, she will be hosted by Prof. Gerhard Grübel.

Installed as a guest professorship programme, the Mildred Dresselhaus Award is presented for the third time already. “The prize has been established as an internationally visible award for younger and established scientists within a very short time period”, Dr. Melanie Schnell, member of the CUI board, is happy to say. “This is made very clear by the high numbers of self-applications and nominations from Germany and abroad – which brought the selection committee into the fortunate but difficult situation of having to choose this year’s awardees from many excellent applicants and nominated candidates. In this spirit – I would like to congratulate Dr. Liesbeth Janssen and Prof. Dr. Elspeth Garman very much.”