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Experiencing Science With All Senses

CUI and its school lab „Light & Schools” presented the widest range of activities on their annual Girl’s Day so far, offering two workshops and insights into two labs to female students from grade 5 to 11.

Students in the laboratory with Dr. Diana Monteiro. Credit: CUI

32 high school girls visited Campus Bahrenfeld on 27 April. The day’s program was as diverse as the girls’ backgrounds: while the younger ones mainly tested and practically experienced everyday Physics in the “Light & Schools” labs, the older ones got the chance to access and gain insight into real laboratories and current research questions at CUI. Since testing was one of the main aspects of the day, the focus was on direct contact to scientists and their research. “We’ve been given the chance to do a lot of things by ourselves. My workshop covered the manufacturing of very small devices in order to merge liquids and air. It was great to see that things worked out the way it’s been planned, even though everything was so tiny,” said one of the participants in the workshop „Mix and Jet: Microfluidics for Biochemistry“ that was offered by CUI scientist Dr. Diana Monteiro.

Girls‘ Day participants in front of the sound sculpture „Unit Cell“. Credit: CUI

Also, the overall context of current top research environment was regarded in depth. After following a short introduction by CUI’s equal opportunities officer Marie Lutz, the girls were presented an entertaining and informative overview of the cluster and its research by watching CUI’s image film. Furthermore, they learned that today science is more than working in a laboratory. Annika Schonefeld from the cluster’s public outreach team showed how science can become accessible and interesting for the public with the help of “Unit Cell” – the sound sculpture that visualizes the research field of crystallography.

During their common lunch break all girls could find out what it is like to be a scientist and how to become one: “Stay curious. Use every chance to learn something new. You never know what new questions and approaches will open up for you, if you go through life with open eyes,” CUI Professor Arwen Pearson advised the girls after lunch, talking about her own career and taking great time to answer the girls’ questions. “In cooperation with “Light & Schools” and due to our scientists’ commitment, we were able to offer the students a great and diverse insight into CUI’s research and its background during this year’s Girls’ Day,” Marie Lutz concludes.

The nationwide Girls’ Day was initiated in 2001. The school lab ‘Light & Schools’ has been taking part since 2012.


“Light & Schools”
Licht und Farben:

CUI research
“Time-resolved X-ray crystallography”, Dr. Briony Yorke
“Mix and Jet: microfluidics for biochemistry”, Dr. Diana Monteiro
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