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More recognition for women in science

Almost 80 guests followed CUI´s invitation to the New Year’s Reception in the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science including the Mildred Dresselhaus Price Ceremony 2017: Prof. Dr. Anna Krylov, Professor of Chemistry and Gabilan Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering at the University of Southern California, was especially thrilled that due to the prize more women in science receive higher recognition.

Prof. Heinrich Graener (middle) read out the winning certificate and presented it to Prof. Anna Krylov, who followed the ceremony in Los Angeles. Left: laudatory Prof. Robin Santra. Right: CUI spokesperson Prof. Horst Weller. Credit: Thomas Vallbracht.

In a festive setting the dean of the MIN faculty, Prof. Heinrich Graener, and CUI spokesperson Prof. Horst Weller gave insights into the cluster´s activities. Especially the “currency concrete” had shaped the past. The  groundbreaking of the research building HARBOR and the laying of the foundations for the „HAUS DER LEHRE – LIGHT & SCHOOLS“ once more had showed how very dedicated the research of the cluster is and how the presence on campus Barenfeld is growing towards excellence.

It’s all about the new application

In 2018 it´s all about the new application, Prof. Horst Weller said: “I thank particularly Dr. Hans Behringer, the research coordinator of CUI who spends a lot of time on the application. I thank the cluster office, the researchers and the young researchers who give us plenty of great impulses. Without your work we wouldn´t be so successful.”

In the following, Weller preluded the prize ceremony; Prof. Robin Santra (Universität Hamburg, DESY) held the honorary speech for the award winner who joined the ceremony via Skype: “Anna Krylov works on a coupled-cluster-based approach and tries to make it more efficient. She´s a worldwide expert on the field of tech transfer and we´re happy that we can learn a lot from here while she´ll be with us.”

Thrilled about the prize for women

“I´m thrilled that I have won this award and thrilled that the prize also honors women in science, since women are still outnumbered in physics,” said Anna Krylov in her acceptance speech. “When I was young and told my parents that I want to become a scientist, their answer was: ‘Do you want to become like the crazy cat-lady that lives next door?’.”

In the closing speech of the evening, Ingeborg Adler from public outreach stressed the fact that science can also be beautiful and aesthetically impressive . “Have a look at the ‘Arts & Science’ exhibition in the foyer, which we have successfully shown twice in Hamburg’s Town Hall already. Thus we could open a door to science, which is something we would never have dreamed about five years ago at the beginning of the cluster,” Ingeborg Adler said. After the ceremony, the guests were invited to finger food and drinks, enjoy networking and to stroll through the exhibition in the foyer of the CFEL. As a surprise of the evening, the cluster office had prepared a puzzle: the winner will receive a picture from the exhibition; he or she will be contacted in the following days. Text: CUI

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Raising the glasses via Skype. All credits: Thomas Vallbracht

The Duo PaBaMePo inspired the guests with self-composed music for double bass and clarine.

The evening started with a reception.

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