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High School Programs

“Light & Schools” – our lab for high school students at the Centre for Optical Quantum Technologies at Universität Hamburg – wants to thrill young people and make them curious about physics, offering exciting experiments for high school students.

The school lab offers programs for pupils from various age groups tailored to their specific needs. Credit: Light & Schools

To become a scientist – that’s what many boys and girls dream about. However, once they get older their enthusiasm very often vanishes. At this point CUI seeks to interfere. “The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging” combines top research with an intensive training of young people. “We want to stimulate interest in the fascinating possibilities of imaging physical and chemical processes,“ the coordinators of “Light and Schools” say.

Therefore “Light & Schools“ cooperates successfully with numerous schools in Hamburg. The Lab offers experimental courses that enable young people to discover the latest laser technology as well as fascinating research projects outside of the class room.

“Light & Schools” was developed in 2009 within the Excellence Initiative of the state governments, which was supported by the Joachim Herz Stiftung. Today the school lab is being continued within the cluster of excellence CUI and the collaborative research center SFB 925.

For more information about the program and contacts please view  “Light & Schools“